Ain’t saying she’s a Gold Coast..

Current/Upcoming Shows

A Slice Of Saturday Night (March 22nd - April 7th)
Catch Me If You Can (May 17th - June 8th)

Upcoming Auditions

Alice In Wonderland (May 10th)

Upcoming Auditions

Gold Coast Strand (April 13th)

Cabaret/Directors/Independent Theatre Company
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Current/Upcoming Shows

Wicked (June 25th - July 6th)

Current/Upcoming Shows

Terror Australis (April 16th - April 18th)

Current/Upcoming Shows -

The Sound Of Musicals (March 29th - April 14th)
One Act Play (April 25th - April 28th)

Current/Upcoming Shows

David Williamson’s Travelling North (April 5th - April 14th)

We update these weekly.

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