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Just Tap

Heel, Heel
Toe, Toe
Shuffle Ball Change
Here We Go!

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Underground Broadway is proud to partner with 'Just TAP'

An online video course that is helping people all over the world take their first steps in tap shoes.

…and it’s not as hard as it looks.

All tap dance (even the crazy-fast stuff) is made up from a surprisingly small number of very basic steps. In the Just TAP Absolute Beginner Course, you’ll learn them all. I break them down clearly and carefully in a way that makes sense. You learn in your own space, at your own pace, and you never have a chance to get lost.

Don't don't need tap shoes just yet.

Learning something for the first time can be intimidating for a beginner, but it doesn’t need to be. With an understanding of these ‘building block’ steps, learning how to tap dance becomes easy and fun, no matter where you’re from, how old you are, or how many left feet you think you have.

It’s time to get excited about tap dance. You’re about to discover a new happiness in your life, and an ability that you didn’t know you had.



Crafted specially for adult beginners, to be the most enjoyable, convenient, clear, concise, relevant and effective introduction to the art of tap dance possible.

Supercharge your confidence, learn at your own pace, and pave the way for eternal tap dance happiness.


You'll gain exclusive access to the JUST TAP 'MEMBERS ONLY' FACEBOOK GROUP, a welcoming community of beginner tappers from all over the world. Meet people, ask questions, share stories, encourage and motivate each other!




We do a lot of steps standing still, so even 1m x 1m will do the job. For travelling steps, a corridor or hallway is perfect.


A WOODEN FLOOR IS BEST (But don’t worry if you don’t have one)

A piece of plywood will do the job, or even a plastic office floor protector is a great option that dulls the sound while still being audible to the dancer.



Comfortable clothing that you can move around in.


No. Not to start with. Of course, if you’ve got them, great! But there’s no harm in holding off, and then making the investment once you’ve given it a try. In the meantime, just wear the hardest soled shoes you have.



- Chair (to use as a bar support)
- Water
- Mirror (the bigger, the better)
- Metronome (or Metronome app for smart phone)
- Notebook


A willingness and determination to practice and improve over time. It doesn’t work if you don’t really want to learn. And it definitely doesn’t work if you put unrealistic expectations on yourself.

- Just TAP Absolute Beginner Course - PART 1 (Fundamental Beats & Steps)
- Just TAP Absolute Beginner Course - PART 2 (Putting Beats Together)
- Just TAP Absolute Beginner Course - PART 3 (Moving & Travelling Steps)
- BONUS Warm Up Video
- The '1 Page Practice Sheet' to chart your progress
- Frequently Asked Questions Kit
  (Hints and Tips for Before, During and After the course)

Contents -

Course 1: How to Tap Dance For Absolute Beginners:

- 70+ Minutes of high-quality content over 3 instructional videos
- BONUS Warm Up Video
- The '1 Page Practice Sheet' to chart your progress
- Frequently Asked Questions Kit
(Hints and Tips for Before, During and After the course)

Course 2: How to Tap Dance For Advanced Beginners:

- 2+ hours of high-quality content over 4 instructional videos
- 3 x BONUS Combination Videos
(a string of different steps put together to form an exciting (and challenging) routine.

Each course includes:

- Multiple Angles
- Multiple Speeds
- Unparalleled Attention to Detail
- Clear Course Structure & Flow
- Relevant for all Tap Dance Styles Worldwide
- Common Terminology + Alternate Names Included
- Download and/or Stream
- Lifetime Access & Updates

- Access to the Just TAP 'Members Only' Face

"It is amazing though how quickly I am learning to move (even though I am 57!). I enjoy it so much that I practice even at work while I wait next to the copy machine or on the way to work/home waiting for the train."
- Michal Kafri (Age 57)

"I've wanted to start my tap journey for a couple of years now, and because of Just Tap, I've had the chance to really discover tap dance, and have so much fun with it. The course is definitely worth the time and investment." 
- Jeremy Cox, Age 25.

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