Video Of The Week

We’ve had so many great performers sing with us.

Our video of the week is... Oliver Samson - Losing My Mind!

Oliver Samson performing ‘Losing My Mind’ from Follies at Broadway Rebooted, Monday, 26th June 2017.

Performer - Oliver Samson

Oliver Samson Headshot.jpg

Oliver is a multi-genre performer with training in Musical Theatre. Since graduating from QCGU in 2015, he has experienced success locally, nationally, and internationally, in Underground Opera's West End To Broadway, The Harry Potter Frog Choir at Universal Studios Japan, and as a member of The Ten Tenors. One of Oliver's greatest passions as a performer is new work by local and emerging writers. He has had the privilege of being involved in many readings and first stagings of new work, including On The Docks (Ablett and Bayliss), Don't Call Me Ishmael (Thompson and Taylor), and most recently the Australian premiere of Opera Galactica(Richard Ferguson). He continues to support and advocate for new work both on and behind the stage, and is heartened by the increasing attention it receives.